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Dianne Adair Highlands Session #2

Jan 4 - Welcoming the new year with a trip to Brazil, Shining Star, and Four Corners.....and the SAMBA!!
Jan 11 - Hula hoop pass, limbo, and "Pearly Shells" hula dance from Hawaii. Aloha! 
Jan 18 - Traveled to China to celebrate Chines New Year with a ribbon dance, dragon dance, and fun game of Snatch It.
Jan 25 - Excited bunch of little choreographers building a dance to "Shake It Off!"
Feb 1 - Dancing to "Kalinka" from Russia and showing off their talents in Bust-a-Move

Feb 6 - "Hands up! Baby, hands up! Give me your heart...." in our Valentine's Day class.

Feb 15 - Voyaged to Puerto Rico to learn the Reggaeton dance before playing Body Bop and having a Dance Battle.
Feb 22 - Building a dance to "Me Too" and having fun with fitness moves like squats, knee lifts, and jogging. Ending class with a groovy Soul Train.

Mar 1 - Made our first trip to Africa to learn the Kuduro dance from Angola! Also played lots of fun games, including Shining Star, Musical Tiles, and Spider Race Relay.


Mar 8 - Had lots of fun traveling to Ireland to learn Irish dancing and having a Leprechaun relay race!

See you in Session #3!